System of Support - A community-driven response to our shared vulnerability
A community-driven response to our shared vulnerability

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April 8, 2020.

Shontoya is Needing

Public announcement:
Hello I am desperately seeking employment. I don't expect handouts, but at this point there is almost nothing I can do. Because of covid-19 nobody is hiring and money is scarce. I am a customer service phenom if I might say so myself. I always smile and am excellent with direction and fast learner. I work well with others and alone. I shine best in crowds and I have experience with retail, food service and entertainment. I was a karaoke DJ for a while and loved it. I just want to work I will even work on a trial basis until trained and comfortable. Please I dont care what job you have I will take anything I love learning new things.
S.O.S. (System of Support)
A community-driven response to our shared vulnerability
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