System of Support - A community-driven response to our shared vulnerability
A community-driven response to our shared vulnerability

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Recent S.O.S. announcements

January 17, 2021.
Heather Needing
I need someone to pick up a prescription at Duane Reade at the corner of Jay and Fulton in downtown Brooklyn and drop it with my doorman. I’m currently quarantined with coronavirus and delivery will take 2 days. Thank you!

November 16, 2020.
Sydney Helping
Hi there. I don't see any posts in Kansas City, but I am willing to help deliver groceries or medicine to people in need of care due to COVID related symptoms.

October 29, 2020.
Arlene Needing
Looking for someone to drive my elderly friend and his aide to grocery, laundromat, pharmacy and wait while they shop. Maybe 2 times a week. He’s retired Navy and a vet would be great!

October 15, 2020.
Courtney Needing
Buying groceries for my children and household items needed

October 8, 2020.
McKenna Needing
Hi! My name is McKenna and I need help. I have a one year old daughter and we are staying in a car. I’m requesting $200. I am African American. ASAP Just recently I left her father after two years of abuse. I ended up getting away with only a black eye, broken ribs, and a bruised chest. I’m lucky it wasn’t my life. I am employed as a sex worker but because of my injuries have been out of work for a few days. My ex drained my bank accounts and left me with nothing. I’m sleeping in my car with a one year old. So please if you are able to help me any amount will be appreciated.

September 15, 2020.
john Helping
Happy to pick-up/deliver groceries/essentials/etc.

July 10, 2020.
jennifer Needing
in need of volunteers for a web design project. you would need access to a computer + the internet, and will be asked to complete an anonymous survey about health and rental/home insurance. this is a school project + i can provide more details to those who are interested!

July 10, 2020.
Jennifer Helping
Available to help run errands in the Portland Metro area- groceries, etc.

July 8, 2020.
Rodi Helping
Voice actor

July 8, 2020.
Rodi Needing
Looking for help with transportation issues to getting home to bend Oregon

June 19, 2020.
Jessica Needing
Guys inneed help. Im stranded here. I wanna go home. Ive been sleeping hungry im thirsty. I finally left a horrible relationship and now im stranded..i shoukd have never moved in with him. I need 160 more for cab fare about 210 miles away..pleaseee i have cashapp and i have venmo

April 19, 2020.
11205, 11206, 11216, 11221, 11233, 11238 BROOKLYN, BED STUY
Bed Stuy Strong (Organization) Helping
If you live in Bed-Stuy and are unable to afford food or basic supplies, or if you are immunocompromised and cannot leave home, we can help you.

April 14, 2020.
Ella Helping
Hi! I can deliver groceries locally. Or set up a live yoga or meditation or breath work class over facetime with me or other teachers.

April 11, 2020.
Jennifer Needing
Homeless need some where to get on my feet

April 10, 2020.
10003 NEW YORK
Danijela Helping
Covid19 survivor, Confirmed antibodies. Donating plasma and helping New Yorkers in need.

April 9, 2020.
Ruby Helping
I'm here to help in any capacity really. I have a car and I can run errands for you or your loved ones. I'm also looking for volunteer opportunities to help the elderly and/or homeless communities in the Bay Area, if anyone has leads.

April 9, 2020.
Chrystle Needing
Does anyone know where I may be able to get help for Easter. I haven't been able to get out to get Easter baskets for my kids and my heart is breaking because there small and don't understand at all. Maybe someone has some left overs after making there baskets that they may not need?

April 9, 2020.
Rich Helping
Have bicycle. Can delivery groceries / pick up medicine weather permitting. Located in Maspeth but I am mobile.

April 9, 2020.
MJ Helping
Hi everyone, I have recovered from COVID-19 and here to help those who are currently going through it and need assistance (meals, shopping, etc). Even though I am recovered (well passed CDC guidelines), I think it's best I help only those who are COVID-19 positive, or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms to be extra safe.

April 8, 2020.
Shontoya Needing
Hello I am desperately seeking employment. I don't expect handouts, but at this point there is almost nothing I can do. Because of covid-19 nobody is hiring and money is scarce. I am a customer service phenom if I might say so myself. I always smile and am excellent with direction and fast learner. I work well with others and alone. I shine best in crowds and I have experience with retail, food service and entertainment. I was a karaoke DJ for a while and loved it. I just want to work I will even work on a trial basis until trained and comfortable. Please I dont care what job you have I will take anything I love learning new things.

April 8, 2020.
Marta Helping
I can send cloth masks to anyone who needs one and cannot afford one.

April 8, 2020.
Kathleen Helping
I can make and bring you a meal! I am limited by distance, but if you are near Livonia, NY, I can get to you! If you're socially isolated, I would also be happy to make you a card and write you a letter, no matter where you are!

April 8, 2020.
Joseph Helping
I have a car and free time. Reach out if I can help with anything or if you know of someone that needs help.

April 7, 2020.
Liz Needing
Hello! Thank you, all, for this amazing platform. I am in need of toilet paper, and a few food items in the next 5 days or so. Since I have asthma I'm not going out to stores - many thanks in advance.

April 5, 2020.
Laith Helping
In need? Please reach out, I’m at your service. Happy to buy/deliver groceries, cleaning supplies, takeout, pharmaceuticals, chat over phone/Skype. Costs happily covered.

April 5, 2020.
Chrystle Needing
I am a mom of three children two whom have severe breathing complications and I am terrified of going outside and catching the virus and bringing it home to my children. I have spent everything I've had on take out and buying what I did three weeks back. But I am without pampers and wipes and water and juice and my food is really low. I've reached out to food banks but have not had a response yet. Other then from hoboken who said they couldn't help me. I would appreciate any kind of help.

April 3, 2020.
11368 NEW YORK
Isabel (posting for Veronica and Valeria) Needing
Hi, I am posting in the name of Veronica and Valeria (because they don't speak English). They are in need of veggies and Valeria has an ill person at home so she need masks. I can pay for the mailing of the masks and the grocery shopping with Venmo or anything, I just can't find a way to delivery them food (I live 30 mi away).

April 1, 2020.
Caitlin Needing
If anyone has a car, would love assistance in getting some heavy items home from the grocery store

April 1, 2020.
Caitlin Helping
I can walk your dog if you can't leave the house!

April 1, 2020.
Al Needing
Need someone to prepare meals and do light housekeeping. Should live closely so as not to use public transit. Very charming older woman partially bedridden. House is on Berkeley Place between 6 and 7 Aves.

April 1, 2020.
Al Needing
Need somebody to type a 31 page manuscript into a word document. The originals are very light.

March 29, 2020.
Todd Helping
I am available to shop for the elderly and vulnerable to make sure their basic needs are met. I have a car.

March 25, 2020.
Carrie Needing
Looking for graphic designers in Saskatchewan to volunteer for the health care industry and create simple, small text-free images to convey methods of living with less, staying safe, and providing mutual aid at a local neighbourhood level.

March 25, 2020.
Thomas Helping
Available most nights to drop food, medicine, and run errands.

March 24, 2020.
Meenakshi Helping
Teaching free Hindi language online class.

March 22, 2020.
Maurizio Helping
Walking companion, walking your dog. Homemade bread baked twice a week. Pick up meds at C.V.S......Live very close to Brookside P.O. on foot only within a two mile radius.

March 21, 2020.
Jody Wood Helping
I can run errands, get groceries, pharmacy runs for anyone in 11217 & the surrounding area. Don't have a car but do have a driver's license, so can take people to Dr. Appointments also.

March 20, 2020.
Noa Helping
11205 Brooklynites : I can take your dog on a walk if you can’t leave your home.

March 20, 2020.
Sanna Helping
Happy to help with groceries, prescription pick ups, dog walking or anything else someone who’s in quarantine or immunocompromised might need.

March 19, 2020.
93514 BISHOP
Jennifer Kane Helping
happy to help pick up groceries or run errands for anyone.

March 19, 2020.
Nancy Helping
I can help with grocery/pharmacy errands and dog-walking for any vulnerable members of the population and/or folks who are in quarantine.

March 18, 2020.
Alex Helping
Happy to pick up groceries or supplies from the pharmacy. Let me know if I can help.

March 17, 2020.
Clark Helping
Join mutual aid efforts in Bellingham!

March 17, 2020.
Danielle Helping
Happy to help with grocery or pharmacy pick ups

March 17, 2020.
Victoria Helping
I offer my help with grocery or pharmacy delivery for any people in need here in Limerick city centre (Ireland).

March 17, 2020.
Tamar Helping
I can help run errands, deliver food or groceries, etc.

March 17, 2020.
Laura Helping
I can provide and deliver groceries/supplies to anyone in dire need anywhere in Brooklyn.

March 17, 2020.
Nicole Helping
I can help with grocery/pharmacy errands for any vulnerable members of the population. Located in Carroll Gardens. Available weeknights and weekends.

March 17, 2020.
Stephanie Helping
Request.. listen to the Daily Podcast dated March 17 Find it here:

March 17, 2020.
10002 NEW YORK
Paul Helping
I can do delivery of grocery and stuff in lower east side and downtown.
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